Day 1


STEP #1: Get into action with our “”Daily Do’s” aka daily activities that create authentic relationships and conversations

We recommend each day:

– 📲 😄 Comment on 10 stories and 10 posts
– 📱 Consistently post and stay active in stories
– 👯 Wish friends happy birthday 

STEP #2: Upgrade Your Profile and Feed 

  • IMPORTANT: Update your profile picture to a close up picture of only you so we can see your beautiful face (no cats 🤓). 
  • Make sure your settings are set to public for both your posts and comments. 
  • Go through your feed and clean it up, getting rid of negative posts and anything that you no longer want on your feed. 

STEP #3: Start some conversations! 

– Your updated profile picture is a great “engagement post” because it creates engagement and conversation. Your job is to create more engagement by chatting back (not just “liking”) with everyone who comments on your new photo. Then, get ready to practice “the pivot” by taking the conversation over to messenger. You can say, 

“Hey thanks for commenting on my new profile picture 🤩. It was great to see your name pop up. How have you been?”


STEP 1 – Change Instagram Handle

  • If you haven’t done so already, change your Instagram handle to something that makes more sense than the one IG assigned to you. 
  • First Name, Last Name works great. 

STEP 2 – Clean Up Your Bio

  • Do not use the word “Valentus” in your description. 
  • Include a link to some of your favorite products.

STEP 3 – Update Your Profile Picture – Make sure the picture is clear, bright and a close up of just you, recently.

STEP 4 – Update your Name

If your username isn’t your name make sure your name is your full name. Or Change your Instagram to your user name. (Example- @firstlastname or @firstname_lastname )

STEP 5 – Provide a Bio 

  • Have your bio tell a sneak peek of your story using clear words. This should give an overarching view of your posts. 

Some examples:

  • I am a mama of 3 who helps you find the balance of motherhood and a side hustle.
  • I am a husband who inspires you daily with actionable steps to level up your life while building a side hustle.
  • Check out bios of others that help you find personal adjustments to these templated examples.
  • Add 1-3 of short life statements about topics that reflect your core values or certifications. Some Examples:
    – Incredibly Authentic
    – Progress over Perfection.
    – Health Coach/Personal Trainer
    – Stay At Home Mom/Dad

Optional: Create a free mini website where you can drop sale links, etc. You will post this link in your bio (rather than your direct Valentus link). This is an optional step, but its not required to get your IG launched well. We do suggest doing this if you decide you want to post links to sales or bundles of your favorite products in the future. 

Click here for a quick tutorial that we found to help you optimize and make your own link!


Today’s task is to update your profile and cover photos. See instructions and example below.


Post the images below as stories in order from left to right. Use sticker polls and question boxes to allow your audience to engage directly with your content.