Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! 

How did your social media clean up go? Remember to keep those conversations going and and get ready for some great engagement with today’s “Hi” post. 

You can use the image below or recreate your own. 

Remember to chat back (not just “like”) with everyone who says hi in your post, and then pivot into DMs to catch up with friends. 

Simply say: “Hey, so good to see your name pop up. How are you?” Chat back and forth (like a human) and when they ask you how you are doing, you can say something like “I’m great! In fact, I have a quick question for you. I’m starting up a new wellness business that I’m really excited about. Any chance you’d go onto the site, poke around, maybe do some shopping and give me some feedback? I can send my website link over. Let me know 💕💕💕”


📸 Post one of the images below or create one yourself


Hi!! I have so many friends here, but I only see a handful of your posts. If you see this, comment below and say Hi!!

ℹ️ Posting to your IG community should always include a connection point like “Do you feel me” or a action item like “Comment YES if you feel this way too” to comment back on your post. By giving them a specific action step, you are allowing them to connect with you. Then, make sure you comment back to connect!



Choose one of the images below to add your stories. Use a the relevant sticker poll or question box to allow your audience to engage conveniently with your content.