The active natural ingredients in EMULIN® work together to ward off the negative effects that simple carbohydrates (sugar) have on our body and give us more even energy throughout the day.

The modern food supply and the processed foods we are offered means that we no longer get the ingredients from the food in Emulin

EMULIN® is a patented formula and is a revolutionary scientific practice with clinical research behind it. See here>

EMULIN® was developed by Dr. Joseph Ahrens has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work on metabolic and viral diseases. He himself says that if EMULIN® had been discovered 50 years ago, it would now be a category as a necessary vitamin.

Sugar consumption and consequences:

We consume far too much processed carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates. Excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates can lead to—

  • High blood sugar levels
  • Elevation of blood lipids
  • Overweight
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Energy loss, both physical and mental
  • Sudden rise in blood sugar which later leads to lack of energy,
  • Cravings and a feeling of hunger.
  • Chronic inflammatory problems – which are the root cause of most diseases.

EMULIN C and M comparison

Emulin C&M contains the same natural molecules. Myrecetin (Quark Bark), Quercetin (Onion Peel) & Chlorogenic Acid (Green Coffee Bean Extract-Not Caffeine) Emulin C&M only have these ingredients in different proportions.

Emulin C

Emulin C “is the original formula. Good for everyone. Carbohydrate management & sugar followers that everyone needs to keep. This formula is specially designed for those who have problems with high blood sugar levels. C is for control

Emulin M

Emulin M was formulated to focus more on energy management and should not be used by those with a history of hyperglycaemia. This is because M promotes the release of glucose from fat cells which provides more energy. This process could lead to less effective carbohydrate management for those with high blood sugar levels. M is for maintenance.

In the words of Dr. Ahrens


Contributes to help:

  • Diabetes 2
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer (fed on sugar)
  • Kidney problems

Promotes a positive effect:

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes 2
  • Prevents blood sugar from going too low or too high (maintains a steady state)
  • Prevents sugar drop
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Prevents inflammation in the organs
  • Helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Protection against cardiovascular disease
  • Increases energy
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Protects against arthritis
  • Prevents sugar from being converted into fat cells
  • Chronic inflammation

About Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Dr. Ahrens previously served as Director of Agricultural Development and Technology at Alico, Inc.

Prior to that, he worked as Head of Research at Citrus and Sr. He also worked as Head of Technology Development for Green Giant Fresh. Ahrens owned a stake in Freshconsult Ges.mbH. During that time, he worked on 40 agricultural projects in over 32 countries. The majority of their customers were agricultural producers such as Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole, Marks and Spencer, and Safeway. The projects were mainly cultivation, export handling, harvesting technology and food distribution technology.

He has also worked at the University of California, California, advising on the transportation, distribution and marketing of agricultural products.

Ahrens holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee and an MS and PhD from the University of Florida, where he received an honorary degree for being
outstanding in its field. He has also written numerous research articles, peer-reviewed articles and also holds many patents related to biology.

Dr. Ahrens has twice been nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work on metabolic and viral diseases.

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