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Follow the instructions below when ordering for the first time in the online store.

Note: Ordering online for the first time does not automatically set your purchase in subscription.

When you have finished ordering you will have your own control panel and there you can set up subscription if wanted.


Check here
Fill out info
Select a username and password. Note: you will need these informations to be able to log into your account again (control panel)
Fill out info

Select package and then products within the package

Option 1-Basic Pack-1 product/ Option 2-Starter Pack-3 products/ Option 3-Advanced Pack-6 products

Check in one of the packages below-then select products within the package

“Not all products are available in all countries. Availability will be determined by the county the ordering computer is in.”
*At the moment your can only order Optimum Cocoa in the Option 1-Basic Pack-1 product


.. . . . .

Click continue

Here is an overview of your order
Enter your creditcard information. Note: if the creditcard is issued in another country than the ip address on your computer then you might be asked to scan in Id credentials after you click on continue below. If this happens then contact your representive and he will have this fixed so you dont have to scan your id.
Enter your address and click on CONTINUE
Overview of your order should now appear: Click in the upp left corner (Change) if any information needs to be changed
Here you need to check in both columns

Click on continue

Now your control panel should appear with information on your order.  From now on your control panel account  is used for all of your future Valentus online orders.

= We appreciate your order =

We encourage you to read our “How to use our coffee and cocoa” before using the  products by clicking on the following picture



  • Order more products (Order)
  • Set up subscription/cancel subscription(Loyality phurcase) (Note: you can cancel subscription at any time). Click on following to see instruction on how to set up subscription or cancel subscription.
  • Track the shipping of your orders (Order History)
  • Upgrade your account to IR-Independent representative (Make Money)
  • Change account information (personal and account information) (Personal Info)


Log into your control panel:

Go to valentus.com and click on Login at top of the page

Enter in Member Login the username and password that you created for your first order.

Now your control panel should appear.

SET UP SUBSCRIPTION (Loyality phurcase)

Click on Loyality purchase
Find the product that you wish to have shipped monthly and click on the red button "Create Loyality Purchase"
Set the date that you wish to have the product shipped "Day of month" and how many products to be shipped "Number of box(es)" Then click on "Modify Loyality Purchase"
Click on "Continue"
Here is the overview of active subscriptions with status Active>>>>to cancel subscription click on "Change Settings"

CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION (Loyality phurcase)

Click on "Cancel Loyality Purchase"
Check in "I understand...." and then click on "Cancel Order"
Information appears stating that the subscription has been canceled
Status should state "Canceled" and the date Modified is the date when cancel subscription was performed
Close Menu