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How to use - Optimum Coffe and Cocoa



  • Shake the coffee/cocoa container before used for the first time and it is recommended that to give the container a shake before each use.
  • For an optimal quality of taste, mix one scoop of coffee in approximately 200 ml of water and the cocoa in 180-230 ml of water.    Do not have the water at boiling temperature. Too hot water can damage the natural active ingredients in the product.


  • For optimal weight management control drink the first cup of the day 30-60 minutes before the first meal of the day and the second one in the afternoon (not later than 5-6 hours before bedtime).
  • If this your very first try of the Optimal coffee or cocoa then we recommend to drink only one cup a day (the morning cup).  If you are experiencing jitters or headaches or any kind of uncomfortable feeling then we recommend to drink one cub a day with half serving and increase it to full serving in the next following days.
  • If you feel like you need to drink 2 cups a day to maximize the weight management efficiency, then do so.  The effect should then last until bedtime.  Note: We strongly advise from drinking more than 2 cups a day.  Many people only need 1 cup a day to experience weight management efficiency until bedtime.  Some people prefer to drink half serving in the morning and half serving in the afternoon.
  • Find what works best for you and your body and tailor it to how your body is working (in most need for sugar and/or energy.


  • It is very important to drink one glass of water before each cup of coffee and keep highly hydrated all day long.  This is important because the metabolism is scaling up and more toxins need to be washed out of the body.  If the body gets dehydrated then problems in the digestion system could arise, such as constipation.


  • This coffee and cocoa is so effective in crushing cravings and decreasing appetite that people tend to forget to eat and nourish.  This is something that needs our attention since starving the body of food is not helping the body loosing weight.  The metabolism rate of the body slows down working against the increased metabolism that the coffee and cocoa is providing.  Keep the metabolism rate going and nourish the body with healthy and sustainable food!


  • Be aware that in the Optimum Coffee and Cocoa is a compound that is not approved by WADA regulations and should not be used during competitions that are applicable to WADA regulations.
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